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The crime of Ogden Utah arson is punished by law enforcement in Ogden and by specific penal codes

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A person is guilty of Ogden UT arson when he or she willfully and maliciously sets fire to or burns or causes to be burned or who aids, counsels, or procures the burning of, any structure, forestland, or property.

(a) Ogden Arson that causes great bodily injury is a felony punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for five, seven, or nine years.

(b) Ogden Arson that causes an inhabited structure or inhabited property to burn is a felony punishable by imprisonment in Ogden Utah prison for three, five, or eight years.

(c) Ogden Arson of a structure or forestland is a Ogden Utah felony punishable by imprisonment in the Ogden UT prison for two, four, or six years.

(d) Ogden Arson of property is a felony punishable by imprisonment in Ogden Utah prison for 16 months, two, or three years.  For purposes of this paragraph, arson of property do not include one burning or causing to be burned his or her own personal property unless there is intent to defraud or there is injury to another person or another person's structure, forestland, or property.

The crime of arson in Ogden UT is punishable by prison. Because of the ease with which fire spreads in our local climate and the potential for Ogden wildfires burning out of control, the crime of Arson is aggressively prosecuted in Ogden no matter which state or which Ogden you reside in.

If you have been accused of Ogden arson, or are being investigated for the crime of arson, you can expect to be investigated by skilled arson investigators, in addition to detectives and police.  Ogden UT Law enforcement will begin gathering evidence immediately when called to investigate a fire.

Most times, there is very little physical evidence left at the scene of a Ogden fire, and the evidence that does remain is subject to interpretation. If you or a loved one has been contacted by law enforcement investigating arson in the local surrounding area you live in, or if you have been arrested and charged with Ogden Utah arson, call Wise Laws right now!