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The lawyers and attorneys at Wise Laws, LLC can help current and former NFL players who have developed serious and chronic medical issues after years of playing football in the NFL.  From dealing with football concussions to a threatening head injury to a brain injury to traumatic brain injury (TBI) and to any other sorts of NFL head trauma injuries.  We represent former and current players and their families located anywhere in the America seeking the compensation they need and should deserve to manage these painful medical conditions.

Did the NFL take advantage of and abuse with exploitation its players by refusing to change the rules of play in malice of overwhelming medical evidence that multiple concussions and other head injuries continued to lead to mental illness, cognitive impairments, such as dementia and early death? Has the league lied about NFL Head Trauma and NFL Concussions?

It is our belief that the NFL purposely hid this medical evidence from the players and their families.


The United States Panel on Multi District Litigation not long ago issued an order in combining all the cases, which have been filed in the NFL Players Concussion Injury Lawsuit and have made them all assigned to Anita Brody’s Pennsylvania courtroom.  We are able to practice law in Philadelphia, which is key in these NFL Injury Cases involving football concussions, NFL brain injury, NFL head injuries and trauma. 

Our firm has compiled a team of attorneys that have filed individual lawsuits on behalf of former and current NFL players in search of damages, treatment, and medical monitoring for the injuries sustained on the neurological end during their NFL careers.

It is time to fight for the players of the NFL, and they deserve nothing but complete fairness.

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