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Are you facing Pomona criminal charges in a Pomona federal court? Federal crimes are the most serious types of crimes that one can be charged with. In Pomona, a federal crime and offense is an act that is illegal by the United States federal legislation. In Pomona, criminal charges and laws and prosecution occur at both federal and state levels, a federal crime is one that is prosecuted under federal criminal law, and not state law. The types of federal agents in Pomona that run investigations of federal crimes are but not limited to the ATF, DEA, FBI, ICE, IRS, and the Secret Service.

Wiselaws, LLC has been successfully defending clients involved in Pomona federal criminal cases for many years now. Our roster of Pomona federal attorneys have defended cases in Pomona in pretty much every type of federal criminal charge. The federal lawyer in Pomona that you choose is very important, so the same lawyer you hire for a Pomona DUI is not the same lawyer you would hire or retain for a Pomona federal criminal case because the complexity of a federal criminal charge in Pomona is much more difficult to defend and is run by a different set of rules than a basic state criminal case.

Many times Pomona federal law enforcement will set up surveillance to record conversations of the accused and the federal government has unlimited resources to do so in trying to obtain a conviction. Wiselaws, LLC is very experienced in tackling the use of this specific type of evidence in the Pomona courtroom, also we do a great job in discrediting the aspects of undercover agents and informants.

The Pomona Federal Criminal System

A big difference between the Pomona federal court system and the Pomona state court system in regards to Pomona criminal defense is that when the United States Attorney`s office prosecutes Pomona federal criminal charges they tend to have an extremely more amount of time, resources, and money to direct towards a criminal prosecution case than a state`s attorney would. It is very important that anyone hiring a federal criminal defense attorney for a case dealing with Pomona criminal charges or federal Pomona grand jury proceedings, retain an Pomona attorney with great experience within the federal court system. Pomona Federal prosecutors are usually better Pomona attorneys than Pomona state prosecutors, we far better academic records as well as case records, and tend to hand pick the criminal cases they which to be apart of.

Pomona Accounting Fraud

Pomona Consumer Fraud

Pomona Antitrust

Pomona Corporate Crimes

Pomona Bank Fraud

Pomona Counterfeiting

Pomona Bankruptcy Fraud

Pomona Customs Violations

Pomona Bribery

Pomona Drug Manufacturing

Pomona Child Pornography

Pomona Drug Possession/Sales

Pomona Computer Crimes

Pomona Drug Smuggling

Pomona Computer Hacking

Pomona Drug Trafficking

Pomona Conspiracy

Pomona Espionage

Pomona Controlled Substance Violations

Pomona Extortion

Pomona Identity Theft

Pomona Federal Drug Crimes

Pomona Medicare Fraud

Pomona Federal Property Crimes

Pomona Money Laundering

Pomona Forgery

Pomona Public Corruption

Pomona Gang Crimes

Pomona Real Estate Fraud

Pomona Gun Law Violations

Pomona RICO Crimes

Pomona Hate Crimes

Pomona Securities Fraud

Pomona Health Care Fraud

Pomona Social Security Fraud

Pomona Immigration Law Violations

Pomona Tax Crimes

Pomona Insurance Fraud

Pomona Tax Evasion

Pomona Internet Fraud

Pomona Terrorism

Pomona Mail Fraud

Pomona Weapons Charges

Pomona Medicaid Fraud

Pomona Wire fraud

Pomona Mortgage Fraud


Pomona Federal Criminal Investigations

When you are contacted and sought out by federal authorities in respect to and in relation to a criminal investigation, you must first figure out if they are looking at you in the realm of being a federal witness in Pomona or if they are looking to charged with a Pomona federal crime. The next approach is to make sure the statements you make to federal authorities you make safely and stay far away from the traps and games that like to play, it`s probably best you say nothing and hire a federal defense lawyer in Pomona.

Pomona Federal Grand Jury Testimony

An Pomona federal criminal lawyer can also be retained when a person is given a Pomona subpoena to testify before a federal grand jury in Pomona as like in a ederal investigation, but it is not always clear if someone is being subpoenaed as a witness or subject for indictment. It is always important to hire a Pomona federal defense attorney in case of these types of situations, as a Pomona federal attorney can help work out a deal involving immunity if necessary in exchange for testimony in Pomona.

Pomona Lawyers Either Know Federal Laws Or Not, and Wise Laws Does!

We highly recommend that you focus on protecting your rights, and you need an Pomona federal defense lawyer whom is experienced in Pomona federal criminal defense. You can find such an attorney at Wiselaws, LLC, many of our Pomona lawyers spend a great amount of time practicing and working on Pomona federal criminal defense cases. We have defended clients in Pomona federal courts against Pomona federal drug charges, white collar crimes, Pomona RICO charges, federal conspiracy, Pomona federal violent crimes, and Pomona federal sex crimes. Contact our Pomona federal defense team today at 800-270-8184.