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Wise Laws is a respected Juneau Alaska legal services firm with great relationship with Juneau Drug Possession lawyers, which are located across the country LOCAL to you.  For more than two decades, our aggressive Juneau AK Drug Possession attorneys have successfully defended clients charged with serious felony and Juneau misdemeanor charges, including drug cases dealing with cocaine, crystal meth, and many other types of drugs.

If you have been charged with a Juneau drug Possession offense, you are facing serious charges and should hire a skilled Juneau drug Possession charge lawyer from Wise Laws, ASAP.  Call today for a free legal consultation as when you have been arrested for a Juneau drug Possession crime, you might have many questions that need to be answered. 

The following are some drug Possession crimes and Juneau charges that may carry with them serious penalties if an individual is convicted within Juneau:

Juneau Drug Possession:

The crime of Juneau Alaska Possession an illegal controlled substance such as marijuana, lsd, acid, pcp, cocaine, crack, heroin, meth, speed, tweak, ecstasy, mushrooms, opium, and more just to name a few.  The Possession of drugs is punishable by both stated and federal laws.  If a person is charged with possession, the courts will consider the amount of drugs that you had in your hands, as the reason of possession, if you had intent to sell. 

Juneau Drug Possession with Intent to Sell:

Possessing a large amount of controlled substances in Juneau AK such as cocaine, speed, meth, marijuana, hash, or etc may result in a charge of possession with intent to sell. Even if the person possessing the substance has no intention of selling or distributing, they are many times charged with intent to sell anyway, due to the fact of a larger quantity other than societal norms of personal consumption. This is a very serious charge and carries with it harsh punishments if convicted.  Having an attorney can help to reduce these charges to possession, if the right approach is taken, so call us today.

Drug Possession in Juneau:

This Juneau Alaska charge refers to the crime of transporting, manufacturing, and selling illegal and unlawful drugs.  This is a similar to intent to sell, but with a much grander scale of operations of quantity of narcotics.  It is illegal to Possession drugs such as heroin, meth, steroids, morphine, and other banned substances.  Possession laws differ in each jurisdiction, when a Juneau person is charged with Possession, the courts will evaluate the case to see whom the offender has sold to minor, for example minors or no minors. Convicted Possession offenders face legal penalties such as imprisonment, fines, house arrest, probation, community service, and mandatory registration as a Juneau Alaska drug offender.

Drug Possession Distribution in Juneau:

Juneau Drug Possession distributing is a situation in which a drug Possession manufacturer sells illegal narcotics to a retailer or wholesaler, which then sell the drugs to other groups or individuals. Any accusation of Juneau drug Possession distributing or dispensing must be taken seriously, as the penalties associated with a Juneau conviction are severe.

Drug Possession Prescription Fraud in Juneau:

Juneau Possession prescription fraud is considered a Juneau drug crime. If a person alters an existing prescription, impersonates medical staff to obtain a prescription, steals prescription forms, or forges a prescription, they are committing prescription fraud. The most common reason people commit prescription fraud is drug addiction. Instances of drug Possession prescription fraud are increasing in Juneau, AK which has lead to strict laws and legal consequences for offenders.