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Our Houston TX assault and battery lawyers at Wise Laws have years of experience in most of Houston.  Providing effective representation to people charged with Houston assault and battery.

At Wise Laws Office’s, our assault and battery Houston attorneys have been providing criminal defense to the citizens in Houston TX for many years.  We have now an impressive record of success defending people whom have been charged with various degrees of physical assault in Houston Texas.

  1. Houston Texas Assault (the threat of injury)
  2. Houston Assault with a deadly weapon
  3. Houston Battery (the use of physical force)
  4. Houston Aggravated battery (use of a weapon, or battery resulting in serious injury)
  5. Assault and battery (threatening and then using force to inflict injury)
  6. Aggravated assault and battery in Houston TX
  7. Assault with a deadly weapon in Houston
  8. Domestic assault, Houston domestic battery
  1. Disorderly conduct in Houston
  2. Resisting arrest in Houston Texas
  3. Houston Battery on a police officer

If you’re facing Houston charges for assault and battery, you need an aggressive, experienced, and knowledgeable Houston Texas assault attorney. That’s what you’ll find at Wise Laws.  We understand how things happen in the field. They understand how Houston cases are investigated and tried. And they understand weaknesses in a prosecutor’s case.

Let our Houston assault and battery experience work for you.

Houston TX Self defense or defense of others or property can be a complete Houston defense to any battery charge – no matter how serious. We know that the Houston Texas police often listen only to the first person that calls 911. We will vigorously defend all self-defense cases.

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