Jails, Prisons, and Courts Directory

We are not an Inmate Locator!

Wiselaws, LLC is by no means a jail, prison, court or inmate locator but based upon numerous calls from around the country we have decided to compile a court and jail directory. 

The wide variety of court cases in America start in of the superior or trial courts, located in each of the 50 states.  With facilities in more than 2500 locations, these courts hear both civil and criminal cases, as well as family, probate and juvenile cases.  The next level up the ladder of the judicial system within America’s judicial branch resides with the Courts of Appeal.  Many of the court cases that come before the courts of appeal involve and deal with the review of a superior court decision and or outcome that might be contested or argued by a person to the court case.  The government has divided each state in America geographically into various appellate districts, each of its own containing a Court of Appeal.

The highest court in each state, is the Supreme Court, and each Supreme Court has it’s own discretion to review decisions of the Court of Appeal in order to settle and mediate important questions of law as well as to resolve specific conflicts among the Courts of Appeal.  This court must also review the appeal in cases in which a trial court has made the judgement of death.

A jail or prison in America is a facility that individual are forced to enter in confinement and denied a wide array of freedoms under authority of each individual state and or federal government as an aspect of punishment.  The usual aspect of a prison is as part of the criminal justice system, in which people are charged and or convicted of crimes are brought and confined to a jail or prison until trial or until they are sentenced and found guilty at their trial.  If convicted they will be given a term of prison or jail sentence.  We have and are compiling a list of jails and prisons in areas in which Wiselaws, LLC handles cases in.

Cities of Jails and Courts We Have Put Together

San Diego